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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two Dollar Salacious B. Crumb Tattoo By Matthew Ellis

The final in our little Star Wars Trilogy of Two Dollar Tattoos by Matthew Ellis (of Seven Crowns Tattoo in Toronto Ontario)! A single needle Salacious B. Crumb Tattoo on friend of the Two Dollar Tattoo Project "Jedi Kim". On a side note Kim was one of the featured models in the Force In the Flesh Book by Shane Turgeon. The book features a large collection of fantastic Star Wars related tattoo work and the people who love them. I have been recently chatting with Shane about his appreciation of the Two Dollar Tattoo Project as well as the great representation of Star Wars Fans on this blog!

Shane is arguably the best authority on tattoos related to the childhood icons of anyone older then 30 right now. If you grew up with Star Wars, The Transformers, or my personal alma mater G.I. Joe you will love Shane's Archive over at Tattoos & Toys. If you have a toy tattoo or love toy tattoos please do our friend a solid and send him photos of your work for his archive or buy some of his incredible merch!

*On a side not I need to locate the photo of the actual Exchange of the ceremonial Twonnee. I was there when this tattoo was done so I know it happened... i will find it and post it later. I should also mention that the stencil machine was not happy that day and decided to produce a less then reliable stencil for this project. Fortunately for Matt and Kim, the force was strong with the parties involved as well as apparently a photographic memory of the entire library of Star Wars characters.


Jedi Kim said...

The wee Crumb is still healing...he's such a cute little bastard. Thx Matt! :)

Anonymous said...

ha! sooo good!gista

Anonymous said...

heh! gista is not a word, it was a typo.

Inkclaw said...

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