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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two Dollar Gamorrean Guard Tattoo By Matthew Ellis

Second in the trilogy of Star Wars Tattoos is the Gamorrean Guard! As I have limited knowledge of Star Wars Characters I have decided to simply steal form the internet encyclopedia of Star Wars the Wookiepeedia to give those like me a little history on the big green guard!

"Gamorreans were porcine humanoids from the lush jungle Outer Rim planet of Gamorr where their technological level was equivalent to lower technology periods that Human civilizations experienced more than 25,000 years before the battle of Yavin. They also colonized the planet Pzob in the K749 system and were the majority sentient species on Lanthrym in the Elrood sector. Their vessels provided only essential amenities as well as shields and weapons. Gamorreans were typically green-skinned with a large powerful physique, and were known to be fierce warriors prized for their great strength and brutality in combat. They were organized into clans headed by a Council of Matrons. In Gamorrean society female sows perform all the productive work while the male boars concentrated on training for and fighting wars. They spoke Gamorrese (also called Gamorrean). One of their favorite weapons was a traditional war axe called an arg'garok that was forged specifically for beings of extraordinary strength and a low center of gravity."

Now that you are all that much smarter I will move on with the rest of our story. Tattooed by Matthew Ellis (of Seven Crowns Tattoo in Toronto Ontario) on the man credited earlier with the Red Bush Tattoo Arron Hill. Arron wanted to proclaim his allegiance to the Gamorrean clan and all things George Lucas with this little single needle monster!


Anonymous said...

dang i shoulda got this one!

Matthew Ellis said...

bring it Turnbull, Im in.