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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two Dollar Tattoo Is moving

Just a heads up, things have been a little hectic lately. I do have a few posts to get up real soon but we are sorting out the issues of moving the blog to a WordPress format rather then keeping it on Blogger. We recently put a call out for sponsorship for the project and it was answered by two fantastic companies that each uniquely cater to the needs of the tattoo industry. To better serve our generous sponsors with the representation they deserve we are moving to a more suitable more powerful set up away from the rules and constraints of blogger.

I have a few days worth of posts to get up tonight so keep your eye's peeled and please bear with us as we make this new change in hosting and format. If you are new to the site and just discovering us please do check all the pages we have grown a lot since just starting the site one month ago.

If you think you might have some time or skills to offer in the assistance of the migration of the site please drop me an email at as I am learning this is going to be a painful endeavor.

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