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Monday, March 8, 2010

Two Dollar AT-AT Tattoo by Colin Wiley

Now, I mentioned earlier about the persistence of the crew at Tattoo Zoo and here is more of what happens when you dare a small group of hard working tattooers. Colin Wiley (another ZooTattoo'er) could not let his friend and co-worker Bryan J. Turnbull be the only one credited with doing a Star Wars tattoo so he stepped up to the plate and hit one right out into the cheap seats! Bryan had this to say about his Two Dollar Tattoo:

"It was Two Dollar Tattoo Day at the shop today. Colin Wiley did this amazing Imperal Snow Walker on me today and blew our minds!"

Gathering from the response we received earlier on with Bryan's R2D2 Dollar Tattoo it would appear that the Jedi force is strong on the left side of Canada.


LibbyS said...

That kicks ass!

Matthew Ellis said...


bryan j. turnbull said...

it's yer turn matt! the force is strong with you.

The Two Dollar Tattoo Project said...

There are intact prequels on the way from Matthew. He decided to take charity on another young Jedi and allow her his place in line. Stay Tuned!

Jedi Kim said...

love this one!!!