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If you are not familiar with the Two Dollar Tattoo Project please CLICK HERE! to get the 411 or read the sidebar info. To clarify this project is for industry professionals and not meant to be a way for the general public to get a tattoo for only Two Dollars. Please be sure to click on the images to see them large enough to really appreciate them. Our little project is run exclusively by the volunteer time of working professionals and the generosity of our industry sponsors. Help keep the lights on here, please comment if you like what you see and check out our great sponsors. To see our recent winners click here!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two Dollar Little Mermaid Tattoo By Derek Burton

I truly enjoying how lately it seems submissions have been coming in that have continuing themes. Today I received another mythical sea creature, The Little Mermaid. In true Two Dollar Tattoo fashion it is literally the Littlest Mermaid, Ha!
Derek Burton (of Good Point Tattoos in Oakville Ontario) sends us this great little single needle tattoo he did on his lovely lady friend Tami. Good Point was in fact one of the shops dared via snail mail to take up the challenge by The Ittee Bittee Tattoo Committee at the beginning of the month. Derek shared this about the experience.

"I was glad to accept the challenge. It's been a while since I've done something like this. I'm usually being told to NOT to make stuff so small. Attached are the pictures of the Twoonie exchange, stencil and a photo of me tattooing the Littlest Mermaid on my girlfriend, Tami. I bought a coffee with the twoonie she gave me, a large triple triple."

There you have it folks if you find your self in Oakville and want to bring Derek a coffee you know he likes it: tall, light and sweet.

On a side note, I quit my job! I will now have endless amounts of time to dedicate to this project. Well that is until Monday morning when I start my new career. As I have mentioned before this project is driven not only by volunteers that work on the blog (me plus 3) but as well the hard working artists who submit work they have done essentially at a loss. So I will present to you my empty hat to fill. If you own or work for a company that could benefit from advertising on this blog we will consider making a trade for stuff to give away to artists who contribute to the project. We are open to offers so please email us at TwoDollarTattoo(at)

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