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Friday, February 19, 2010

Two Dollar Illuminati Tattoo By Derek Lewis

Secret societies are no secret, and have existed for centuries.
Skull and Bones, The Illuminati the Royal Order of The Water Buffalo and in some ways even The Tattoo industry for a long time could be regarded as a secret society. Strange hazing rituals, initiation ceremonies, proprietary languages and codes... all of these have been demonstrated in one way or another since tattooing was popularized in north america. So, Since we are on the topic I thought it be fitting to post this ittee bittee Illuminati Pyramid tattoo By Derek Lewis (of Hartless Tattoo in Toronto Ontario).

Within every one of these organisations there is often an even more secret group you might encounter, in the tattoo community this is the group of artists who work independently from a private studio. Really the only secret is you have to find them consult and book your time rather then just walk in off the street and hope you can get in right then and there. Lucky Lauren Jones managed to not only find the elusive Derek Lewis but also convince him to apply this lovely little sacred symbol for two bucks!

By the way for those who don't know Derek, he also plays in a band and if you are in and around Toronto and enjoy live music you should check them out.


George Brown said...

Derek actually tattoos out of the top of a pyramid, much like the one depicted in the piece.

Matthew Ellis said...

Is that capacitor drawing the sign of more to come?