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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two Dollar Heart Tattoo By Bob Paulin

It's Sunday, I have a pile of work to do today so it's nice when I get an email submission that basically writes the blog post for me. Today's Two Dollar Tattoo is brought to you courtesy of Bob Paulin (at Studio 123 Tattoo In st. Catherines, Ontario). Bob is no stranger to the single needle as I have come to find out from clients of his I know personally. He had this to say about his experience doing a Two Dollar Tattoo on his client Lisa Carlo.

"She (Lisa) couldn't resist the price & I got a last minute cancellation. What a great way to take the edge off of the stress of a last minute cancellation. Usually these cancellations are a piss-off especially when I have a long list of clients waiting to get in. It's the only thing we ask of people, give us 24 hours notice so we can call someone else in. It's really funny because occasionally when it happens I'll take a walk-in & trick-out something small. Its a fun break! This project reminded me how kool that is."

In other news I have a few healed photos of previous Two Dollar Tattoo submissions and they look great!
Only taking into account your technique and the overall health of the recipient there is no way to tell how these will heal or how long it will take to just settle down. You find out after you have at least one successful attempt under your belt.

I have heard through the grape vine of a few recent attempts have not been sent in either because of procrastination or because the initial healing has been a complete mess and they are waiting to see how it turns out before sharing it. Single needle tattooing IS NOT EASY! and part of this being a challenge is just that. Sure, if you work in a busy street shop you might be doing small tattoos all day but being forced to work with the smallest possible needle configuration can make it super amazing or a huge headache.

1 comment:

George Brown said...

Ahhh...the soon-to-be-classic gear heart. Nice job, Bob, and thanks for wading in for this.