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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two Dollar F-Bomb Tattoo By Chris Hall

The email that accompanied this submission from Chris Hall (at Crown & Anchor Tattoo in Barrie Ontario) was fantastic! I decided I would let Chris narrate the majority this blog entry for me... hey its been a long day and I'm tired (of replying to people on facebook asking for two dollar tattoos).

Bombs away Chris!

"It was fast and furious! Well, not really as you probably know, but that's where the inspiration for this tattoo came. It's on my lovely wife Samantha Hall, who has been known to drop a few "F-bombs" in her time. Please enjoy, as I nearly lost my fnger in an exhaust fan accident whilst making my single needle."

Samantha suggested Chris was having a bad hair day and he would not be represented well in the photos of the twonee exchange, thus the photo of only the lovely couple's hands.

Finally to answer all those complaining to us "I don't have any single needles", "I just did a needle order and forgot to get singles", "can you give me some of yours cause the counter person who does all my ordering including my lunch is on vacation". Look, just like Chris, you can make your own! If you never learned how to make a needle and need a good quality single needle you may consider paying Mr. Chris Hall a whole pile of money to make you, one? You could buy a box from any number of reputable suppliers online and split it with your coworkers? or you could bribe the Ittee Bittee Committee with your own shop swag and we might mail you out a few, just puttin' it out there.


chris hal said...

Amen Phil, what's with these tattooers who don't know how to make needles, or are too (wait for the F-bomb) F*#king lazy to make at least a single, single needle??? WTF?

Jedi Kim said...

i do believe this is very fitting for Sammy. :D

George Brown said...

Chris Hall...self sufficient and proficient. We can all take a page from his book.