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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two Dollar Crimson Ghost Tattoo By Jimmi Hellbent

Sorry for the delay in posting folks but it is a commercial holiday after all.

This Submission actually came in a few days ago but like many of the submissions we get it was super cool but incomplete, missing only one very important photo so I had to email the submitter to say I WANT YOUR SKULL!. We simply had to hold it for continuity sake until we got all the photos we needed. Jimmi Hellbent (
of SunnySide Tattoo in Toronto) produced this cute + little (those words together always make me think of Glen Danzig) Crimson Ghost he tattooed on his employee and fellow tattooer Jen Moffatt. It has been an exiting week for Jimmi for two reasons, he got a new camera and decided to show it off with a photo essay of the two dollar tattoo process in extreme closeup, macro even! And second Jimmi along with his entire staff this week celebrated one year open for business in the quaint Toronto suburb of Parkdale. Congratulations to Jimmi and all the staff at SunnySide!

Now its trivia time, I would like to see how many Misfits fans can tell me what song this lyric is from:

whoa oh oh ohoh!
whoa oh oh ohoh ohoh!
whoa oh oh!

You can post your answer in the comment forum below.
As well don't forget you can also nominate your favorite working professional tattooer to receive a dare in the mail to do a two dollar tattoo! Maybe even on You!


me said...


Anonymous said...


The Two Dollar Tattoo Project said...

The answer in fact was Last Embrace.

George Brown said...

You know, it is a rite de passage for most tattooers (of a certain demographic) to do a crimson ghost. I, sadly, have yet to one. Jimmi, I am hopeful that this, a toonie-sized venture, was your first.

Anonymous said...

yes it was my first actually, crazy considering i worked with bobby t in welland. i do have a crimson ghost wallet