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If you are not familiar with the Two Dollar Tattoo Project please CLICK HERE! to get the 411 or read the sidebar info. To clarify this project is for industry professionals and not meant to be a way for the general public to get a tattoo for only Two Dollars. Please be sure to click on the images to see them large enough to really appreciate them. Our little project is run exclusively by the volunteer time of working professionals and the generosity of our industry sponsors. Help keep the lights on here, please comment if you like what you see and check out our great sponsors. To see our recent winners click here!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nominate An Artist For A Dare!

So its been about two weeks since we first launched this project and I have to say the response has been amazing! Lots of great talent and lots of positive response. I will be honest I was a little disappointed to get home today from my regular day job to see I don't have anything new to post for you all.

As some of you know when this project was originally launched we mailed out official personal invitations in the form of a "Double Dog Dare!" to thirty of our industry friends. We took this seriously enough to stuff envelopes with pre-sterile single rounds and an official dare and challenge from all of us... all of this out of our own pockets.

According to Canada post you should have all received them all by now. According to at least half of the working professionals we try to keep regular contact with Canada post LIES! So since we have been getting messages that people either didn't get the dare or that they cant seem to figure out how to order their own needles I am willing to once more send out about Ten more official dares in the mail.

So I am looking for a little help here. If you are a working professional and by that I mean you work out of a reputable shop and the photos in your portfolio do not contain a fridge in the background and you can provide me with a website URL that I can find your mailing address on you can nominate your self to get a dare. If you have a favorite artist you think deserves to be dared you can nominate them, please I need a URL that has their street address on it. Not everyone will be picked and priority will go to artists who nominated by those who have already participated. Only nominations to Canadian addresses please.

Please leave the nominations in the comment section below!

Now, understand this project is for fun and this all comes out of my own pocket so I can't send needles to every shop in Canada. I do appreciate that we have had requests from folks in the US to join in the fun, some have even mailed us shop swag in trade for two dollar coins and needles! But for now I am only offering to receive nominations for Canadian shops US shops still have to mail us a business card at least.

And finally this project does in fact take up some time in all our schedules. If you enjoy the blog please do visit a lot and comment! If you really like what we do consider also checking out the portfolios of the three artists that helped make this project a reality aka "The Ittee Bittee Tattoo Committee".

Ms. Alie K. @ TCB Tattoos in Toronto
George Brown III @ Seven Crowns Tattoo in Toronto
Matthew Ellis @ Seven Crowns Tattoo in Toronto

Many thanks,
-Philip Barbosa


LibbyS said...

No one to nominate, but just want to say I think this is an awesome project and I love coming by to check out the tattoos! Keep 'em coming!

The Two Dollar Tattoo Project said...

Thanks Ryu! The work people are submitting is really impressing me over all! Please do keep visiting and spread the word and comment a lot! everyone enjoys comments!

George Brown said...

Agreed...brilliant stuff across the board, thus far.