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If you are not familiar with the Two Dollar Tattoo Project please CLICK HERE! to get the 411 or read the sidebar info. To clarify this project is for industry professionals and not meant to be a way for the general public to get a tattoo for only Two Dollars. Please be sure to click on the images to see them large enough to really appreciate them. Our little project is run exclusively by the volunteer time of working professionals and the generosity of our industry sponsors. Help keep the lights on here, please comment if you like what you see and check out our great sponsors. To see our recent winners click here!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Alberta Bound! We Dare Ya!

I, Philip Barbosa will be at the Edmonton Tattoo Convention THIS WEEKEND! I will also have on my person several Two Dollar Tattoo Dare envelopes for professional tattoo artists only. So look for me helping out at the Body Art Pro booth all weekend. I will only have so many so it really will be first come first served, bring me your business card you get the dare! We even give you a circle maker (for when you cant find a twonee) inside the envelope courtesy of our project sponsors.

The last few months have been very busy for the folks who work on this project with me. We are still a little behind on submissions but will be making an effort now to get caught back up. The winter brings a slower schedule typically for the tattoo community (knocking on wood) and we are taking advantage of this. Idle hands after all... We also will have a guest Writer Rob W. helping get new submissions posted soon!

Next week look out for lots more submissions from:

Shane Munce
Chris Hall
Chris Myra
Alie K.
George Brown
Liam Queeney
And if they ever send me the photos I keep
hearing about...?
Mykie Rice, White Trash Matt and Denis Prevost.

As well as whatever I manage to get photos of at the Edmonton Tattoo Convention!

I should also mention on a side note that both our very generous sponsors Good Guy Supply and Body Art Pro will be at both the Edmonton and Calgary conventions. If you are in attendance please visit both booths and buy more stuff then you can carry(you may wanna bring a friend just in case). If you will not be in attendance you will miss a great time however you can still click the links at the top of the page and order loads of great stuff.

Two Dollar Popeye Tattoo By Kai Saunders

This submission was super special for us to get. The recipient of this tattoo is none other then Doug Ford! For those who don't know Doug is the man who runs Good Guy Tattoo Supply and also one half of the Two Dollar Tattoo project's sponsors! Kai Saunders of StixInk was kind enough to get Doug in on this! welcome to the fold Gentlemen!

Two Dollar Tattoo Trade between George Brown and Elless Mullen Elles

Co-founder of the Two dollar Tattoo project George Brown III and Fellow Tattooer Elless Mullen Did a little trade of two dollar tattoos with a theme. Now ask your self if you had an important decision to make would you go with: "What would George do? or What would Ellese Do?

You can post your decision in the comments bellow.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Two dollar Owl Tattoo By Ghandy

There seems to be recurring popular themes popping up on two dollar tattoo. One of them is the Owl tattoo! I am not complaining I love owl tattoos and in fact I have been known to frequent the Owl Tattoo Blog. This little single needle hooter was brought to us by Ghandy (at Hell or High Water tattoo in Muncton new Brunswick). I was fortunate to meet Ghandy in person while he was at the Toronto Tattoo Convention and his pal Joel pictured was lucky enough to get this little two dollar tattoo!

Two Dollar Strawberry Tattoo By Robyn Lee

Okay, first off I have to send huge personal apologies to Robyn Lee (of Ace Of Spades Tattoo in Toronto Ontario) for not posting this great spring time inspired tattoo when I got it. But there it is! spring and summer fresh strawberry picked or rather pricked with a single needle on her co worker and fellow tattooer Eugene. Remember We love your comments!

We are back!

Its been a crazy few weeks for all of us and the hiatus has been put on hiatus. Between the my full time gig, Me starting a new company, Seven Crowns Tattoo renovating and expanding, The g20 fiasco, The Toronto Tattoo Convention and a whole host of other distractions caused us to fall way behind on extra curricular activities.

Back to business as usual and first things first. We have prizes to award to some of our contributers! A while back we got some donations from the kind folks at Good Guy Supply and Body Art Pro and wanted to have some prizes to make this project that much more interesting. The decisions where way too tough for all of us to decide so we wanted to ask a few friends to help us out and judge their favorite submissions.

Our esteemed Panel Of Judges!

Doug Ford, Owner and operator of Good Guy Tattoo Supply the folks that bring you some of the best in tattoo supplies with the friendliest service on the planet.

Badur Ramji, The one man show that is body art pro from R & D to bottling, labeling and shipping.

Marisa Kakoulas, Lawyer by day and writer and black tattoo officianata by night. Also the brains and the beauty behind the very popular tattoo culture blog needles and sins and is the publisher of the black tattoo book.

Shane Turgeon, Tattoo shop proprieter and the man who probably has forgotten more about starwars and GI joe then you will ever know. Shane also curates the fantastic online archive toys and tattoos and is the publisher of the force in the flesh book.

We contacted the judges some time after the project started and gave them each a few weeks worth of submissions to look over. They picked from what was posted up until this here post and where asked only to judge the pieces based on what they liked best. there was no criteria other then to say what was their favorite.

Now onto the winners!

The winners will be contacted via email and will get a gift box in the mail. We have assembled a mish mash of prize boxes and what you get will be very random. You may get ink, disposable tubes, a clipcord, after care, or just candy!

Keep checking in I have a lot of backlogged images to post this week so there will be a lot to look at again!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey, It has been a while since we have updated the site. There are a few images and some big news ready to be posted very soon. Conventions and New shop expansions have been eating up everyone's free time. We have about a week more of madness and then we are back onto a regular schedule.

Sincerest apologies from the TDT Staff.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two Dollar Tattoos By Cory Ferguson and Kevin Urie

I was really happy to receive this submission for many reasons. First off the photographs documenting the event by Liam Queeney are just amazing! Secondly this submission really demonstrated the true spirit of this project. Two really great artists came together to offer each other a professional courtesy and really take on this challenge and set the bar. Cory Ferguson (El Presedente of Good Point Tattoos in Oakville Ontario) did this fantastic single needle Che Guevara portrait and in trade received a little Bakechochin from Kevin Urie (of Mata Mata Studios in Hamilton Ontario). When you are done reading all this and want to see more photos of everything i suggest you go to Liam's Flikr Photo Stream and see the rest HERE! On a side note some of these images are also of the tattoos healed. If you look close you can tell so please as always click the images to really see the quality of the work being submitted, comment a lot and visit our sponsors at the top of the page and give them your hard earned money!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two Dollar Tudor Rose By Chris Hall

Carrying on with more from our friend Chris Hall we have a lovely little Tudor Rose paired with an equally as lovely English ale. Chris by now is clearly no stranger to the The Two Dollar Tattoo Project as this is now his third entry. A true Renaissance man, Chris is also credited with being the first and only tattooer that submitted images to this project that has made his own single round needles (you can read all about in his first submission)! The wearer of the Tudor Rose is a man well familiar with needles, body piercer Brock Bassels of Lucky Devil .

Two Dollar Muff Diver Tattoo By Chris Hall

To finally end our all Star Wars streak I present to you a little Spider Webb Flash Tribute! This little Muff Diver tattoo was single needled by Chris Hall (of Crown and Anchor Tattoo in Barrie Ontario). The lucky recipient is fellow tattooer and former apprentice of Mr Hall, Elless Mullen. Aside from the great work on this tattoo I do have to say my favorite part of this set has to be the barrier used for the Twonee... More to come from Chris in the next entry.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two Dollar Salacious B. Crumb Tattoo By Matthew Ellis

The final in our little Star Wars Trilogy of Two Dollar Tattoos by Matthew Ellis (of Seven Crowns Tattoo in Toronto Ontario)! A single needle Salacious B. Crumb Tattoo on friend of the Two Dollar Tattoo Project "Jedi Kim". On a side note Kim was one of the featured models in the Force In the Flesh Book by Shane Turgeon. The book features a large collection of fantastic Star Wars related tattoo work and the people who love them. I have been recently chatting with Shane about his appreciation of the Two Dollar Tattoo Project as well as the great representation of Star Wars Fans on this blog!

Shane is arguably the best authority on tattoos related to the childhood icons of anyone older then 30 right now. If you grew up with Star Wars, The Transformers, or my personal alma mater G.I. Joe you will love Shane's Archive over at Tattoos & Toys. If you have a toy tattoo or love toy tattoos please do our friend a solid and send him photos of your work for his archive or buy some of his incredible merch!

*On a side not I need to locate the photo of the actual Exchange of the ceremonial Twonnee. I was there when this tattoo was done so I know it happened... i will find it and post it later. I should also mention that the stencil machine was not happy that day and decided to produce a less then reliable stencil for this project. Fortunately for Matt and Kim, the force was strong with the parties involved as well as apparently a photographic memory of the entire library of Star Wars characters.

Two Dollar Gamorrean Guard Tattoo By Matthew Ellis

Second in the trilogy of Star Wars Tattoos is the Gamorrean Guard! As I have limited knowledge of Star Wars Characters I have decided to simply steal form the internet encyclopedia of Star Wars the Wookiepeedia to give those like me a little history on the big green guard!

"Gamorreans were porcine humanoids from the lush jungle Outer Rim planet of Gamorr where their technological level was equivalent to lower technology periods that Human civilizations experienced more than 25,000 years before the battle of Yavin. They also colonized the planet Pzob in the K749 system and were the majority sentient species on Lanthrym in the Elrood sector. Their vessels provided only essential amenities as well as shields and weapons. Gamorreans were typically green-skinned with a large powerful physique, and were known to be fierce warriors prized for their great strength and brutality in combat. They were organized into clans headed by a Council of Matrons. In Gamorrean society female sows perform all the productive work while the male boars concentrated on training for and fighting wars. They spoke Gamorrese (also called Gamorrean). One of their favorite weapons was a traditional war axe called an arg'garok that was forged specifically for beings of extraordinary strength and a low center of gravity."

Now that you are all that much smarter I will move on with the rest of our story. Tattooed by Matthew Ellis (of Seven Crowns Tattoo in Toronto Ontario) on the man credited earlier with the Red Bush Tattoo Arron Hill. Arron wanted to proclaim his allegiance to the Gamorrean clan and all things George Lucas with this little single needle monster!